Friday, September 4, 2009

Orange Alabaster Mushroom - Space and Time

Mindblowing psychedelic music from the 1990s that strongly resembles obscure '60s psychedelia. Highly recommended:

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Té- It Be The Thinking As 'the Song' おう Of Realistic Sound From The World Which Resounds

As the album name suggests, Té is a post-rock band. But don't look there. look at the names of the songs. With awe-sum names like Without Having The Word That Even, A Beautiful Melody Tells Sound '留' め Does た To Heart That It Does It and Heart Be 'the Made' る Of Outlet In The Direction Of A/The Lie When It Has Lacked A Correct Goal, it is totally one hundred percent epicness. Té might not be painting beautiful landscapesas their fellow Japanese counterparts Mono, but the art that they have brought out to the world is surely more than good enough. If Explosions in the Sky took some music lessons, crack and had an avant-garde drummer, this is what would come out. Recommended highly.


Swell Maps - A Trip to Marineville (1979)

In the maelstrom of post-punk music recorded in the late 1970's, Swell Maps are both quite odd and very refreshing. They fuse together pure punk rock explosions with the motorik beats and psychedelic tinkerings of the krautrock movement. The end result is something incredible that is both intellectual and highly energetic. Recommended to all fans of post-punk, punk, krautrock, and energetic avant-gardening. Check out the youtube video of "Midget Submarines" for a sample of these guys.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A.R. & Machines - Echo (1972)

total krautrock ethereal psychedelic masterpiece. 2-LPs, Echoes of the past, present, future, time and space. One of the best krautrock albums to ever be released (along with Tago Mago by Can, Neu! 75, and Malesch by Agitation Free, among others), but this one is a lot more obscure than the bigger names, unfortunately. Try it out, you won't be disappointed... it's one of my favorites, and also one of the most psychedelic albums known to man.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Many Mansions-Return to Source

Many Mansions is the solo musical project by Shane Donnelly, who lives in the Jamaica Plain part of Boston. His musical performances are often heralded as a mix of psychedelia, trance, dance and even tropicalia! Pretty rad stuff definitely! This is his new album off of the great Whitehaus Records (Also located in Jamaica Plain!)



Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weidorje - Weidorje (1978)

Weidorje is the jazz fusion equivalent to Star Trek. They're kind of cheesy by modern standards, but at the root you get excellent, otherwordly jazz fusion with killer bass riffs and exotic chanting vocals. If you're familiar with Magma, these guys are kinda similar but a bit more accessible. If you're into jazz fusion and looking for something new, check them out.

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Genres: Jazz fusion, zeuhl

Friday, August 14, 2009

Can bootleg - Horrortrip in the Paperhouse

My favorite Can bootleg. Captures how fucking intense yet groovy this band can get. It's also the most fierce and eerie Can recording I've heard, and that's saying a lot... these jams just rip into your skull and mess with yr. mind. Quality is decent for a bootleg from the '70s, which is to say not very good. I kind of like it however, since it adds a new, lo-fi dimension to Can's already many dimensions. If you haven't checked out Can yet, get Tago Mago first, but you might still like this if your tolerance for avant-garde is high.

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